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Home » Products » Steel Structure Machine » JBH Corrugated Web H-beam/ SIN Beam Automatic Welding Line

JBH Corrugated Web H-beam/ SIN Beam Automatic Welding Line

JBH Corrugated Web H-beam/ SIN Beam Automatic Welding Line

Machine Introduction
Our JBH automatic corrugated web automatic H-beam welding line is constituted by the slitting and cutting to length machine, web forming machine, flange and web feeding machine, corrugated web H-beam robot automatic welding machine, cross-section cutting and stacking system and so on.

The corrugated web H-beam automatic welding machine is equipped with the Italian welding robot that is able to accomplish some procedures automatically, such as the laser scanning for the whole line, two positions welding, welding gun replacing, cross-section cutting, etc. This quality machine performs with high efficiency and automation, etc.

Product Feature and Usage
The automatic corrugated web automatic H-beam welding line is used for processing the corrugated web H-beam, which is a new type of construction material extensively applied in the bridge, column, single span or multiple span frame construction.

With the corrugated surface, this corrugated web H-beam saves more than 20% to 60% steel than the flat web H-beam with the same yield strength. It owns high cost performance, large span, crane beam and so on. As for the 1.5m corrugated web H-beam, its span can reach 40m. Moreover, it is consistent with the requirements of saving energy. This product will lead the development trend in future in this field.

Web decoiling →Guiding → Sheet leveling →Slitting→
Cutting to length → Forming
Flange cutting → Sheet leveling → Sorting and conveying
Laser scanning → Feeding and assembling →
Automatic welding → Graph cutting output

Technical Parameter
Machine Parameter
Corrugated web forming machine Suitable raw material Yield strength ≤345MPa
Steel thickness 2-5mm (≤235MPa); 2-4mm (≤345MPa)
Steel width 500-1500mm
Profile dimension Wave height 40-46mm
Distance of waves About 155mm
Steel feeding mode Conveyor
Corrugate web output mode Transmission chain
Feeding power 25kw
Total weight About 10T
Dimension 6235×1640×2500 mm
Corrugated web H-beam automatic robot welding machine Work piece dimension Work piece length 4~20 m
Web thickness 2~5 mm
Web height 500~1500 mm
Flange thickness 10~30 mm
Flange width 150~500 mm
Welding mode Imported robot two position welding at the same time
Welding type CO2 welding Corrugate scanning Whole line laser scanning
Cutting type Plasma cutting similar to laser Control mode Automatically controlled by the industrial computer
Scanning speed ≥900 mm/s Welding speed ≥700 mm/min
Total power 223kw
Dimension 22000×6500×3500 mm
Total weight About 46 T
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